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Shit Ryan Dahl Says

Wisdom and pith straight from the creator of the web-scale Node.js platform.
Feb 18 '14

How big was that sample size, bro?

"Currently "Node.js" is seen as a mark of quality…"

Oct 25 '12

Everything I need to know, I learned in kindergarten

Programmers who took a little math love to tell others how math is necessary. It is not. e.g.

Oct 23 '12

It’s web servers all the way down…woah. Trippy.

At heart I’m a web server guy. Always will be, I think. Everything looks like a web server to me.

Oct 18 '12

Oh no, not semicolons again

I believe that #dartlang is being dangerously conservative with their syntax. Semicolons - really? Semicolons => shitty REPL

Oct 18 '12

No, wait, it gets better…

I’m planning to switch to MSFT Surface and Windows 8 as soon as I can buy it. (I just don’t care about unix anymore - at all.)


Oct 17 '12
Oct 17 '12
Oct 17 '12
Oct 17 '12
Jul 30 '12

I want Ryan Dahl’s vibe-o-meter

I love Erlang but I cannot get the past the syntax.


I do not like the JVM because it takes too long to startup and has a bad history of XML files and IDE integration - which give me a bad vibe.

because really…

Syntax and overall vibe are important to me.

so therefore:

I’m a systems person attempting to make programming better.